MIX- August - 2010 SALT SOUND

MIX- August - 2010 SALT SOUND

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The MIX crew met with the sound crew of the new action/thriller Salt. -  Learn how James Newton Howard’s score becomes a character in this late summer roller-coaster ride.

    -Learn about the growing contingency that is welcoming back analog tape and inventing new hybrid approaches to recording
    -Mix surveys the top of the line channel strips in today’s market
    -Get backstage access to Sting, Royal Philharmonic, Carrie Underwood, and Massive Attack

Plus, read about the hottest products and check out reviews on the newest gear. Including, Fink Analog Audio CS2-FA Channel Strip, JZ Microphones V47, V67 Vintage Series, JoeCo BlackBox Recorder 

and much, much more!

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