MIX - November 2013 - Mentor U

MIX - November 2013 - Mentor U

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 MIX - November 2013 - Mentor U - The Blackbird Academy Opens in Nashville

This month MIX talks to Blackbird Studio Owner and Academy Founder John McBride about the school's unique approach to teaching, through mentoring and apprenticeship with some of the industry's biggest stars.

This issue is our Education Issue, where in addition to the cover story on The Blackbird Academy, we feature news and notes from various schools around the globe and the annual Mix Education Guide, a directory of schools that have a focus on the music industry.

We also interview TV and film composer Trevor Morris about being Hans Zimmer's right-hand tech for five years and about recently building his own studio in Santa Monica.

Engineers Ed Cherney and Frank Filipetti and drummer Gregg Field talk about working on Alejandro Fernandez's hit album Confidencias, one of the final projects of the late, great producer Phil Ramone.

Producer/songwriter/arranger/singer/musician/engineer duo Wonder & Lightning, the driving creative force behind Janelle Monae and Deep Cotton, discuss their influences, recording techniques and their studio.

Our Live section features an all-access pass to Paramore and a tour profile of Pink. This month's Classic Track tells the story behind the making of Aretha Franklin's "Don't Play That Song (You Lied)."

Mix also rounds up a group of desktop controllers that truly fit on the desktop and have integrated hardware, knobs and faders.

Plus reviews:

  • API THE BOX Small-Format Console
  • Universal Audio, Millennia and Waves Mastering EQ Plug-ins
  • Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors Plug-in Bundle
  • Yamaha HS8 Active Studio Monitors

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