MIX Nov - 2011 Audio Jobs & Studios

MIX Nov - 2011 Audio Jobs & Studios

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ARDENT STUDIOS, Memphis,celebrated 45 years in the business by remodeling Studio C and installing an SSL duality console.
TRI STUDIOS - "the ultimate playpen for musicians", as Bob Weir says, is fast evolving into something Much Bigger - Pushing concerts over the web into the Next Century!
Plus a Reality Check - Are there JOBS for all those Audio School Grads? - Spotlight on McGill and Oberlin and others!
Live - Ben Harper
Keb Mo in Nashville
Studio Consoles
-M-Audio Fast Track C600 audio interface
-KRK Rokit RP10-3 powered speakers
-IK Multimedia Custom Shop
-Millennia and Electrodyne 500 Series modules

Classic Mudhoney
and more!

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