Review Guide 2009 - Charm School

Review Guide 2009 - Charm School

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Sneak Previews: Want to stay on top of what's hot? Here's a peek at next year's models.

Electric Guitars: Get to the meat of the matter with our tight, terse and titillating reviews of shapely solidbodies and curvaceous archtops in every price range.

Acoustic Guitars: Got a hole lotta love? We've got just what you crave. Check out our collection of acoustic wonders.

Bass Guitars: If you like to go deep, or just prefer to be on the bottom, our four- and five-string basses are guaranteed to shake your foundation.

Amplifiers: Big stacks and eye-popping combos for the guitarist that's ready to rock and roll all night.

Effects: Some like it straight, others prefer to spice things up. You know which side you're on. We've got enough flangers, phasers and fuzz boxes to keep you aroused for a long, long time.

Home Recording: Do you like to do it for yourself? Here's everything you need to score a hit, including hardware, software, plug-ins, monitors ad much more.

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