String Theory Applying Jazz Harmony to Rock Lead Guitar - TABS ONLY

String Theory Applying Jazz Harmony to Rock Lead Guitar - TABS ONLY

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This lesson is a collection of the first 10 String Theory columns that appeared in Guitar World magazine and their accompanying instructional videos, written by and featuring Senior Music Editor Jimmy Brown. Over the course of the 10 chapters, Jimmy presents a “schooled,” or “informed,” approach to improvisation that’s rooted in a jazz mindset but geared toward rock guitarists looking to expand their theoretical knowledge base and apply practical music theory to soloing over chord changes, while also incorporating the standard guitar-playing techniques of alternate, sweep and hybrid picking, string bending, vibrato, hammer-ons, pull-offs and finger slides. Using the chord progressions to the popular jazz standards “Autumn Leaves” and “There Will Never Be Another You” as musical platforms, as well as the changes to Carlos Santana’s “Europa” and Gary Moore’s “Still Got the Blues,” Jimmy demonstrates an effective, sure-fire method for crafting strong melodies and targeting sweet-sounding chord tones that’s based on using arpeggios, scales, chromatic passing tones the classical principles of counterpoint and voice leading, with exciting examples inspired by the aforementioned players, as well as prog-rock titans John Petrucci and Steve Morse. He also presents a fascinating and insightful tribute to one of his biggest heroes and one of modern music’s greatest improvisers, the late, great tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker.

Instructor Name: Jimmy Brown


Genres: Classical, Hard Rock, Jazz, Lead, Prog, Rock, Shred

Difficulties: Advanced

Tunings: Standard

Guitar Types: Electric

Techniques Used: alternate picking, arpeggios, bending, chords, finger slides, hammer-ons, hybrid picking, position shifts, pull-offs, sweep picking, vibrato, wide stretches

Artists: Johann Sebastian Bach, Michael Brecker, John Petrucci, Gary Moore, non-specific, Steve Morse, David Gilmour, Carlos Santana


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