Sweep Picking Boot Camp

Sweep Picking Boot Camp

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Michael Angelo Batio's Sweep Picking Boot Camp DVD

Michael Angelo Batio's Sweep Picking Boot Camp is a comprehensive crash course in the art and science of sweep picking, as taught and brilliantly demonstrated by one of the world's most accomplished and respected virtuoso lead guitarists!

In this instructional DVD product, you'll learn:

  • Proper sweep picking technique
  • Sweep-friendly fretboard shapes and patterns
  • Using sweep arpeggios to outline chord progressions
  • Combining sweeps with legato techniques
  • Using tapping to extend range
  • Adding tapped finger slides for extra tonal color

This DVD includes seven video lessons that feature breathtaking technical demonstrations!

Guitar virtuoso, Michael Angelo Batio, is a gifted composer, teacher and performer who has released numerous critically acclaimed albums and travels the world over to perform 150 guitar clinics a year. Michael's instructional DVDs Learn Shred Guitar and Lead Guitar Boot Camp are also available for purchase.

    This DVD includes a .pdf file with tabs.  To access the .pdf file insert the DVD into your computer.  Windows users should access the DVD drive through the 'Computer' folder on their task bar.  The DVD name will appear in the DVD drive of this folder.  Right click the DVD name and select Open to access the .pdf file with tabs.

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