The Tube Amp Book

The Tube Amp Book

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HL-331091 The Tube Amp Book-Deluxe Revised Edition  by Aspen Pittman  published by:Backbeat Books  Price:  $49.99; Dimensions: 13.5"x11"  wt.5.1125    isbn#879307676   

Already known as the bible of tubes and tube amps, The Tube Amp Book is now even better! This deluxe revised edition contains 40% new material, with a comprehensive A-Z section covering all the great tube amp manufacturers, with histories, photos and information. Brands include Ampeg, Dr. Z, Fender, Gibson, Hiwatt, Marshall, Matchless, Mesa/Boogie, Orange, Vox, Watkins and many others. 

Features a CD-ROM with 800 available schematic and layout diagrams, from Ampeg to Western Electric, plus dramatically improved design and page layout. The book's technical tips, in-depth electronic specs and explanations, over 350 schematic diagrams, and full-color plates make it a must-have for the legions of tube-tone fanatics. 

Hardcover with convenient enclosed spiral binding. 

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