TWICE 2018 Top 25 CE E-tailers Report

TWICE 2018 Top 25 CE E-tailers Report

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TWICE 2018 Top 25 CE E-tailers Report


It’s been nearly two decades since the earliest CE e-commerce pioneers placed their first tentative tech products online for sale. Over the years, the industry has seesawed from outright bans of authorized goods on transactional websites, to a promotional wild West shoot-’em-up, to a tamer, more rational embrace of what has become an accepted — and expected — way for consumers to shop.


In the process, fears of an online-only future receded as brick-and-mortar chains learned to stop worrying and love the Internet. The Top 25 CE E-tailers rankings are a testament to the resiliency of tech merchants.


See which dealers have learned to integrate operations, adapt to further permutations like the move to mobile shopping, and even leverage Amazon’s dominance by becoming successful third-party sellers.

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