Zen and the Art of Producing

Zen and the Art of Producing

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HL-333246  Zen and the Art of Producing  Author: Mixerman
Series: Book   Publisher: Hal Leonard  Medium: Softcover Dimensions: 6"x 8"
Price: $24.99    ISBN: 9781458402882

Mixerman not only describes in detail the many important roles of an effective producer – whether as product, manager, time, or personnel manager; organizer in chief; tour guide; psychologist; visionary; or fearless leader – but also provides you with tangible strategies for fulfilling these roles within the context of the greater goal: the music itself. Once again, showing a firm commitment for art over technology, Mixerman outlines the thinking necessary to successfully produce records. As Mixerman points out, “Producing is an art in which reading and understanding people nearly always trumps any theoretical knowledge – whether musical or technical in nature.”

Be you a musician, engineer, songwriter, DJ, studio owner, or nothing more than an avid music fan, Mixerman delivers a personal, seemingly one-on-one lesson of all that goes into effective producing.

Really, what could be more Zen than that?

Pages: 320 

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